© Destiny Keller

Destiny Keller is a dynamic creative based in Nashville, skilled in design, direction, branding, and photography across various industries. Currently Senior Designer at Weird Candy, she specializes in cover artwork and campaign design for the music industry.


Mountains Like Wax ‘Before There Was Plenty’ - Album Campaign

Gatton ‘All That I’ve Hidden’ - Art Direction, Photography

3Sirens Music Group - Branding

Haggard Coffee - Branding, Photography

War Buddha Records - Branding

Furnace Fest 2023 + 2024 - Branding

Bedroom ‘Thread’ - Album Campaign

Wilby ‘Happiest Woman’ - Album Campaign, Photography

The Criticals ‘Self Titled’ - Album Campaign

Pale Lungs ‘Self Titled’ - Album Campaign

ZampKamp ‘Self Titled’ - Album Campaign

Nightly - Typography, Merchandise

Miscellanious Logos 2019-2024

Miscellanious Posters 2020-2024

Miscellanious Album Artwork 2019-2024

© Destiny Keller